Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Newest edition to the family.

It already seems so long ago that I took this photo. Its is crazy how before you meet your baby its hard to believe that there is a little person in your belly. I felt him move, kick and hiccup, but found it hard to make the connection with my bump and a baby! 

I loved being pregnant, the whole experience was amazing. Apart from morning sickness at the beginning, my pregnancy was problem free. I put on two stone and walked as much as I could all the way through, most days we would walk the four mile round trip too and from work, the pace definitely slowed as my bump got bigger but, surely the fitter I was, hopefully, the easier the birth would be.
There is no denying it , labour hurts! I got to have the water birth I had hoped for. I was only in the pool for just over an hour but it was so lovely to be submerged in water after almost 20 hours of contractions, and to be able to move around easily. 
After pushing for 11 minutes, our little boy was born! All 8lbs 12 of him. 

There are things I thought I would struggle with with haven't been too hard and other things I thought would be easy but have really struggled with. Breast feeding has been my biggest struggle by far. In all of the books, on the websites, during the classes and appointments, you are never told just how hard it is, and how much it hurts. They mention it might be uncomfortable when the milk comes in but thats about it. Thankfully, with the support of Marc and my mum, I persevered and after more pain, a couple of weeks and a couple of tearful breakdowns and feeling like a failure, we mastered it . Ozzie is growing so fast and is such a chubster.  It feels lovely knowing that the milk my body produces is responsible for his chubby legs and cheeks.

Ozzie is 16 weeks old today and is such a happy smiley little boy. Not just mine and Marc's, but our whole families lives have changed more than I could ever have imagined. I now see my dad more in one week than I saw him in a whole month before, he is unable to hide his love for Ozzie which is really lovely, at first it was a little strange to see as I don't remember him ever being affectionate growing up. 

Marc has been so supportive all the way through my pregnancy, was the perfect amount of attentive and supportive during the labour and has been amazing since we brought Ozzie home. I didn't doubt he would be great, but I really underestimated just how much I would need his support. 
Our little family is perfect.

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