Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The new neighbour

Meet Ginger Harvey. His name is Harvey, but we like to call him Ginger Harvey. He came around to visit soon after we moved in. Tilly tolerated him at first but not any more. Ginger Harvey pushed her too far.

This was the first time he popped his head through the gate. 

While the weather has been nice and the back door has been open, Ginger Harvey has decided we are his second home, much to Tillys disgust! He comes in through the back door, eats all Tillys food and then, tries to find somewhere to sleep in the house. We have tried shooing him away, spraying him with water, shouting at him... but he is one persistent greedy, ginger cat. 

He is so affectionate and just wants you to fuss him. I hope Tilly and Ginger Harvey can become friends as it is nice having him around. Maybe one day they will eat from the same food bowl.

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